viernes, 22 de septiembre de 2017

Cleaning Carpet

 We took the vacuum cleaner

To carry out this technique, the tools help an indispensable element in the home: the vacuum cleaner. To begin, we remove the furniture that exists on the carpet, while in the sea possible, to work more comfortable. We took the vacuum cleaner, and removed the container bag (careful not to spread the dirt and the dust that had been trapped inside it).
If you do not have this type of paper, you can use paper cut sheets of paper, or the paper used in the paper, or the paper used in the printer, in sheets about 10 cm x 15 cm. and we sprinkle them with cologne, with liquid flavoring for fabrics, with the liquid flavoring of preference, leaving the sheets of paper well impregnated, although not all wet. We can also add to these paper plates a few drops of essential oils or essences, such as those used in stoves, to maximize the flavoring effect of the technique.
Then we take these scented paper plates, and place them inside the bag of the vacuum cleaner, making sure that it is as clean as possible. Once the papers are in the bag, and the bag is tightly closed, we put it back into the vacuum cleaner, and we use the device as usual, vacuuming the carpets or surfaces of the home.

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